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There is no doubt that Facebook and many other similar platforms are great tools that you can use to promote your business. They are certainly becoming more important especially in the last 2 years. Used properly they enhance and increase the visibility of your business. But you do have to play by their rules. You must remember that they are portals to thousands if not millions of business, and that there is every likelihood that there will be hundreds on any one of these portals like yours.



From a Forbes Article written by  Jeff Bullas

Should My Company Just Have A Facebook “Page”?

"So the question “should my company just have a Facebook page” ” is starting to be asked.

The issue is that if you take the Facebook only route you don’t own it you are just on their platform under their rules and conditions. With a website or a blog you “own” the domain and you have control and it is essential that it remains your companies online “home base” and you treat your social media channels as embassies or outposts where you can engage and drive traffic where your customers are hanging out.

The question we should be asking is “how much focus and what resources should I apply to my company website and my Facebook page?” rather than.. “should I replace my website with a Facebook page?” "Or just go with a Facebook page"dave.

I think in the excitement of the Facebook marketing hype that companies have forgotten to continue to integrate and optimize their digital online assets whether that be  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blog, Flickr, YouTube and including their search engine optimized website."Jeff Bullas

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The world wide web is now 1,000,000,000 +

(1 Billion +) websites

and approaching 200,000 in New Zealand.



If you are not visible to your potential buyers/customers, you are giving your competitors the edge.


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