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 This is where you get to work in OUR on line studio space.

Working together we will work with you to help you to decide on the broad brush vision of your site. We will share our experience with you so that together we can come up with a site that will meet the goals that we have agreed on in discussion. You will be providing most of the content, on-going feedback and the images. We will be helping you to use our dashboard, so as to enable you to put up content and Images.

The site will be limited to 3-4 pages initially. With the option to add more pages.


With the knowledge that you gain from this do-it-together project you will be equipped to update the content on your web site on an ongoing basis, putting you in control of the sites most important elements.


You may even be inspired to build more websites on your own.


To get started, take a look at the illustration below:

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