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Webydo is a work of love of a web design community that advocates the role of a designer in the website creation process. Shmulik Grizim and Tzvika Steinmetz co-founded Webydo because they actually needed it themselves.

Webydo is a professional web design platform that enables web and graphic designers to create and manage exceptional HTML websites, ...





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You can also connect with us via Phone or Text  on 0272640550. If You are the "Just Do It" kind of person and have decided that you would like get into one of our Web-Plans you can do so by going directly to The "Orders Page" where you will get to choose  either monthly payments or just one payment for the Year. Don't forget that using the annual option will provide you with a 20% discount.

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Contact us on Mobile 0272640550               

 To request a Video Call. (You will need a Google Account)

Go to https://support.google.com/hangouts/answer/3110347  for specific instructions on HOW.


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The FREE option is detailed as follows:


How Does the 30-Day Trial Free Account Works?


You can register with us for a Webydo account for FREE, and enjoy all the features of our platform for 30 days - all free of charge. No credit card required.


This plan allows you to create One website with up to 3 Pages on our Studio-Domain.


After your 30-day trial,and prior to going public with your site you will be given the option of converting  to our DIY plan. OR , you can upgrade either to the DITT plan, or to a LUDRIVE plan whatever best fits your needs.

NOTE: In order to direct the TRIAL site to your personal domain you will need to upgrade your plan.

Go with our DIY plan  to  give your site wings. It includes  hosting; your site  with  your own domain name  and  redirection: +CMS, which enables you to continue to be able to edit your site after 30 days.

The cost of this plan ( DIY) is $45 nz/ Month (annually save 20%). It includes the above, PLUS up to 12 hours of personal coaching over the 12 month contract period.

To express interest in our DIY plan please connect with us. See below

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