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They are the words that you enter into the Search Area of a search engine  such as Google.

For example Matakana. 


This one word (a place name) will produce  About 461,000 results (0.47 seconds) on Google


The order in which you see the answers will be different and depend on a large number of variables. The algorithms that are used by the search engine are set to produce the fastest answers for you.

If you are signed into the search engine, it will literally draw on its knowlage of you. So in this case if it knows where you are your list will start in your area. It may also display a list in a specific order  based on  what you searched for last time, if they were similar. So as you can see the organic search word is important but there are many more attributes connected with your website that will impact your ranking  for any particular search.


It is also very important to note that the algorithms used by search engines are being regularly tuned for performance. What that means is that unless your website is constantly tuned your ranking will be likely to fall nowmatter how big or small your business is.


SEO - Search Marketing / Lead Generation

Getting your website on the first page of Google

Organic search marketing is a time consuming but necessary step in securing your placement organically online. SEO ( search engine optimization ) is often confused with SMO ( search engine marketing ) which is the routine action taken for submission. This requires an understanding of search engine mechanics which includes good practice rules. If improperly implemented or submitted, your web site may be subjected to being dropped altogether or banned from the search index.


Where do you rank? 

Do you have any means of measuring any activity?

We will get you there.


(Google) search engine 

What set of words or phrase's typed into the (Google) search engine will bring your site up on the search engines first page?


For Us to Provide SEO services for existing sites it will be necassary for us to be given full webmaster access.

So why is SEO such an important element for the bottom line of your business?



"Web design is a fascinating and complex field, requiring knowledge in a variety of areas including graphic design, code and in some cases, marketing acumen and technical knowledge as far as it relates to SEO and search on Google.


The average designer might not necessarily take into consideration (or understand) the importance of technical elements that affect SEO. Rather, they concentrate on the part of the process that they naturally excel in, a website’s design. However, most websites are built to sell and within this realm of conversion-oriented design, SEO is one of the more popular methods to yield traffic which translates into leads and then hopefully sales. It would, therefore be wrong to neglect this part of the process especially as these are elemental things that should be implemented at the earlier stages of designing a website." Daniel Zrihen

Regretably in the resent past a lot of websites were delivered without much regard for  SEO, and worse,with little or no ongoing commitment to the performace of the site.

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Systematic Optimization.



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Google Analytics


If you already have a website we will ask your website developer to link you to Google Analytics. and ensure that you are linked . We will also attempt get your site verified by Alexa


For a monthly charge



Google Analytics


If you already have a website you will need your website developer to link you to Google Analytics. If you need some help with this go through to our Orders page.

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