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What set of words or phrase's (Search Words) typed into the (Google) search engine will bring your site up on the search engines first page?

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Getting your website on the first page of Google

Organic search marketing is a time consuming but necessary step in securing your placement organically online. SEO ( search engine optimization ) is often confused with SMO ( search engine marketing ) which is the routine action taken for submission. SEO requires an understanding of search engine mechanics which includes good practice rules. If improperly implemented or submitted, your web site may be subjected to being dropped altogether or banned from the search index.


Where does your website rank? 

Do you have the means of measuring your site activity? Is it bringing in business for you?

Search is by far the #1 way visitors find products online (Source: Doubleclick). In addition, search engine advertising spending is up 134% (Source: IAB, PricewaterhouseCoopers) at a time when other forms of online advertising are struggling.

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