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What is a WebMaster?




What is a Webmaster?

A  (from  and ), also called a  architect,  developer, site author,  administrator, or  coordinator is a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites.


Why do I Need  a Webmaster

Creating a website is a great start, however if you don’t keep it current and if you don’t market it then it’s a waste of your time and money.


What does a Webmaster do?

A Webmaster is a person that promotes and maintains your website. Keeping it current and in view of the public. If you can appreciate having a go-to person that is web savvy and can answer all your website questions, than you need to have a Webmaster. A webmaster will ensure that your content stays current by adding new texts and pictures, updating product information, manage your blog and post news events.


And if that's not done?

A website that does not have traffic is useless. Products do not sell themselves. Webmasters know how to drive visitors to your site and it is part of their job to perform this function. While there are many ways to drive traffic, the best way is through search engine optimization (SEO). SEO incorporates the use of key internet marketing strategies to boost your search engine ratings and in return create a high visibility ratio for your site.


To stay competitive in the ever changing internet market serious site owners need to invest into a Webmaster. This personalized service will ensure that your site remains current and profitable.


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