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On line visibility for New business 


On Line Visibility for New Business Startups


Most startup businesses have already decided what they want to call themselves and know that they may eventually need a website. So of course, if they are web aware they will, or should look to see if the name that they like is being used on the web anywhere.

When you purchase/register a new URL in most cases it sits in what may be called FREE parking until it is required. It's a low cost but very important asset to acquire asap and it's a start to the branding process.


When you start a new business VISIBILITY is everything.

If it's a shop for example, then it's foot traffic and presentation that will draw people in. So a lot of time and money will be spent on getting that right. But of course every one in your local community will not necessarily walk down your street. So you will need to advertise, maybe using flyer's, newspaper and magazine Ads. Joining a local business association, Radio ads. TV ads.


These days Facebook is seen as another way of gaining visibility. For a Business it should be a Location based, Business Facebook page. Its a little like joining a local business association, but it is socially interactive. The difference is that Facebook acts like a Pyramid Visibility Building methodology, were as a Local Business Association is more a linear visibility building methodology.


Then there is Google. Of course the Facebook URL is empowered by Google but remember to Google, Facebook.com is the entity, not your Facebook page.

Of course with your own website you to,with the right help,have the opportunity of becoming great.


Getting back to our example start up business.


They have a lot on, and often on line marketing gets put on the back-burner.


Enter the Landing Page. This is a single page Temporary website (temporary until you get to build your website) which can be used in conjunction with GoogleAds&(express) to  increase the visibility of your business, and feed you data that will help with the eventual configuration of your website. (Key word and Page behavior). By having a live and meaningful Landing page you will be riding piggyback on the Google search engine the most powerful artificial intelligence system on the planet


The Landing Page would have Facebook Like and Share buttons and be linked to your Business Facebook page.


Building a Business Facebook page will also increase your visibility as discussed above. You will be able to use Facebook Ad's to increase the visibility of your Facebook page friends, and most importantly, links to other group and business pages. These would be links that you would eventually be able to build into your Website. Your Facebook page would be linked to your landing page.


Author WilAimHigh  at  www.webproseo.co.nz  We can build and manage your Business Facebook page and your one off Landing page.



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