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Testing & Launch


The 8 steps to your Bespoke Website build

Step 4:

of the design Cycle will involve tweaking the conceptual design taking into consideration the feedback obtained from step 3.

Step 5:

will be the approval of the conceptual design.

Step 6:

The visual elements starting with the home page will be added and the settings for the site will be approved: Page Size & Position, Background, Color Style, and Fonts.





The development

of the site will take up to 80% of the total cycle for the website.

The time that it takes will depend largely on the availability of the content or sources that can be used to develop the content. It will also depend on the availability of suitable  Images and/or graphics. The design of special graphics will not have been included in the overall budget, and should be made available if necessary, from an external source.


Responsibility for Content and Graphics will have been assigned during step 4 of the project.


During this stage of the project, The site will be optimized for mobile devices. This will require another approval cycle as it may be necessary to modify the conceptual design for specific  optimum mobile responsiveness.


Forms, external links, Social media buttons, CMS, Video, Galleries, plugin's, live chat, shopping cart and  other widgets & add-on's will be embedded.


Identification of the add-on's above should have been made during stage 4 of the project.


The development stage should be constantly and jointly monitored, as it is in this stage that over enthusiasm can lead to budget overruns.


The progress of the build in stages over the development period will be made available for comment and approval.









will be run to check for bugs, broken links, spelling errors, image tags  & title and page load speed.


The site will be tested on multiple browsers and a range of mobile devices.


When we are satisfied, upon full payment for the final agreed  "Time Content" the site will be formally handed over.




Determine the projects:

Objectives, Purpose, Target Audience, Content & Feature Requirements


a formal agreement (in writing) on: Budget, Scope,Time line,Ownership & rights.


a site map.


users wants & needs. Compile & organize the design inspiration.

Step 3:

Mock up of the layout and intended functionality with a wire frame, will be presented, and the approval cycle will begin.















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